New Website


Go to the following url:

THIS ONE IS CLOSING DOWN, so delete it from your bookmarks, and add the new website instead.

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Going Live in…

5 Minutes

Time Untill Server Launches!

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The Countdown Begins.

Ok i know a lot of you have been anxiously trying to get on the server. The auto-kick has been going crazy! And so I am happy to tell you all we’re almost ready to release the server publicly. The final buildings are going up, plugins are being tweaked, and we are having critical daily bug fixes from CraftBukkit and all other developers.

I thought i’d give you a peak at the gate of the all-new EdgeGate City. We’re still deciding whether we will allow players to build in EdgeGate, or to make it a spawn-city.Coming Soon

We will announce on the website when the server goes live. I would like to say tomorrow but it seems unlikely. Expect it to be around 2 days.

Leave your comments below if you want any questions answered :-)

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As you may know, the server has been “Temporarily” Whitelisted whilst we are fixing some bugs and installing the updated plugins…

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience.

You Cannot get whitelisted at this moment in time as a few who have been selected are helping us fix up the server.

I and iVMoRiginal are undergoing some tests as some of the plugins are still buggy and we are making sure their are no exploits or bugs which majorly affect yours or our gameplay.


We try our best to make your experience the greatest we can.



- Gingerme1999

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Server Suspended

I’m Done.

There are too many people asking for help 24/7 while i dont even have time to finish the server. This has lead to me not getting anti-grief protection in time and all it took was a couple of idiots to ruin the seed. It wasnt ruined. Infact i fixed it before i decided to take the server offline. But it made me feel like i cant be fucked anymore. You know?


The server hasn’t gone offline permanently. Hence the title “suspended”. I’ll put it back up when i feel like it. Preferably once i’ve finished building it.


Untill then you can contact me on Gmail Email or Chat. —–>

If you didn’t donate and had no intention of donating don’t email me asking about something that is free.


And dont ask me how long it will take, the answer is when it’s ready.




Heres a very short Q&A for you:


Q. Will people who have donated still be [Premium] on the new world?

A. Yes. Send me an email to and i will add you onto a mailing list which will be sent out when the server goes live.



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We’re Updating to Version 1.8

Woo, Yeah.. Version 1.8. But wait, theres more….

With all the news of 1.8 being delayed, developers wasn’t expecting it to be released so soon. Our server (along with 99% of others) uses a platform called “CraftBukkit” which hasn’t had time to update yet. They are currently working very hard to roll out an update.


What is CraftBukkit?

CraftBukkit is the platform which all our Plugins are built upon. Without CraftBukkit, our server wouldnt be able to:


- Protect Cities & Spawn.

- Have Jails.

- Teleports and Warps.

- Members: No item spawning, Flying, etc.

- Have colour ranks such as: [Guest], [Premium], [Admin]


So What does this mean for our server?

We dont have a timescale for how long it will be untill the new CraftBukkit is released, but we are expecting it to be a few days. Once CraftBukkit is released, We will have to wait again for the actual plugin developers to upgrade their individual plugins.


For the time being, our server will be a PURE SURVIVAL server. We have a backup copy of the original world, which we re-use at a later date. We also have a record of all [PREMIUM] users, and we will restore your powers as soon as everything calms down with update-rush.


For now though, enjoy the simplicity of the all-new 1.8 survival server :-)



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Server rolled back 24 hours

Overnight the server has been Severely griefed. Before today we where very confident this server was secure. We have a lot of plugins which limit players abilities and hacks.We are looking in-depth into our security of the server, and how someone bypassed all protocols to gain access to the “WorldEdit” functions.

Meanwhile, Some of our staff ranks will be reviewed and may find themselves temporarily no longer admin.

We are sorry for anyone who has lost any items/buildings within 24 hours. If you have been affected call an admin who will review your case.

Below are some examples of the scale of the attack.

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Coming Soon: Donator Ranks – IMPORTANT UPDATE

Soon we will be introducing Donator ranks.


Note that this change will only affect NEW DONATORS.

These Changes will be live on: WEDNESDAY 07/09/2011

What are the ranks?

There will be 3 different ranks, each with their own donation amount and advantages.

[Member] (£5.00 / $7.00)

  • Ability to FLY
  • Access to the PREMIUM CITY (Donator Only Community)
  • $10,000 in-game currency

[VIP] (£10.00 / $16.00)

  • Ability to FLY
  • Access to the PREMIUM CITY (Donator Only Community)
  • Heal Yourself
  • Custom Name Tag/Prefix, for example: [Team8] FamilyGuy: HEY GUYS!
  • Spawn Unlimited Items

[Sponsor] (£15.00 / $24.00)

  • Ability to FLY
  • Access to the PREMIUM CITY (Donator Only Community)
  • Spawn Unlimited Items
  • Custom Name Tag, for example: [Team8] FamilyGuy: HEY GUYS!
  • Ability to turn Invisible
  • Teleport
  • Spawn mobs – Spawn any mob, from chickens to creepers.
  • Strike Lightning – Insta-kill people with a bang.
  • A personal NPC – This is a virtual player which can look like you, or be your slave. For example a Healer, Guard, Blacksmith, Wizard, or Trader.
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Our New Website

Welcome to our new website. We are currently working on the donations feature which should be live tonight!! (Est 10.00pm)


Thanks for your patience

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